Copy and Paste the Letter Below
Hello ___________,

I received an invitation to the SMPTE 2019 Annual Conference, and am writing to request approval to attend.

SMPTE 2019 will take place 21-24 October in Downtown Los Angeles at the Westin Bonaventure. The conference has a reputation as the world’s premier forum for learning about media and technology. This once-a-year event will provide me with many opportunities for professional development, and attending the event will make me more valuable to our team and company

Looking over the agenda, I would benefit most from:

  • World-Class Educational Experiences: I want to expand my knowledge about what’s new in our industry to create opportunities to improve our operations. I will incorporate what I learn into my own daily work to maintain our team’s competitive advantages. I can choose sessions that cover the theories and technologies in motion-imaging that are important to our business.
  • Insight Into the Future of Our Industry: I plan to take advantage of SMPTE’s reputation for delivering what companies should expect in motion-imaging into the next year and onward. I’ll come back to work with tips to keep us ahead of the technology curve, especially since MovieLabs’ CTO Jim Helman will deliver a keynote about the lab’s white paper — “The Evolution of Media Creation: A 10-Year Vision for the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies.”   
  • Opportunity to Network with Experts and Emerging Talent: This is my chance to build relationships that will support our own team’s needs in the future. I will take advantage of face time with experts and thought leaders in a mentoring environment.
  • Exhibit Hall:  I will get to “window shop” in a time-effective manner and be exposed to innovative solutions from leading companies in the industry. This will prepare me to return to the office with ideas to help our team work more quickly by recommending cutting-edge tools in a price-conscious way. 

The conference and connection-building opportunities will help me with the following projects:

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

Please let me know if I have approval to attend this important event, which will help me help our company.

Note: the earlier I register, the more cost friendly it is!