MovieLabs Will Address the Evolution of Media Creation

Jim Helman
Chief Technology Officer MoiveLabs

Jim Helman will present a keynote titled "The Future of Media Creation" at SMPTE 2019, the Society's annual technical conference and exhibition, taking place Oct. 21-24 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in downtown Los Angeles. Helman will describe the findings documented in a white paper — "The Evolution of Media Creation: A 10-Year Vision for the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies" — recently released by MovieLabs.

"The Society had the opportunity to comment on the paper prior to finalization, and we believe that this white paper puts forth a compelling vision for the role of technology in filmmaking 10 years from now," said Patrick Griffis, SMPTE president and vice president, Technology Office of the CTO, at Dolby Laboratories. "With ongoing collaboration, innovation, and standardization in the coming decade, the industry can address inefficiencies inherent in production and distribution workflows, overcome key challenges to continued progress, and ultimately enable storytellers to create richer stories more quickly and easily. Jim and fellow experts will touch on all these ideas as they look ahead to the nature of media creation in 2030."Helman will provide an overview of the new white paper for the SMPTE 2019 audience.

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Mark Turner

President at Entertainment Technologists Inc

Mark offers a rare combination of business acumen with advanced technology and product experience. As a former coder and a management graduate Mark's 23 years of experience streches from designing a cloud migration strategy for the video post production industry, to co-founding and financing start-ups to leading regional sales teams to multi-million dollar wins and product design, creating an immersive movie player still unbeaten in the industry.
Mark is an articulate presenter and frequent public speaker with excellent interpersonal skills and an impressive network of executive level relationships bridging the content and technology industries.
Mark has a broad management background, confidently handling corporate strategy, sales, marketing, finance, product development, operations and business development functions and has managed P&L, staff, consultants and agencies.
Specialties: Business & strategy development, public cloud infrastructure, advanced video production and distribution technologies, real-time rendering and gaming, the economics of the entertainment industry, innovation and creativity business solutions.