Full Name
Mark Roberts
Streamline System Designs
Speaker Bio
Mark joined Streamline System Designs after decades of working in the Digital Cinema Post Production and Mastering arena. Leading teams with design, engineering, and testing to bring the highest quality Picture and Sound to Theaters throughout the world. Mark developed methods and products to help Major Motion Picture Studios maintain high standards throughout the post production and distribution transition from digital intermediates to the digital cinema rollout. Mark and his team continued to push through and lead technology enhancements while he oversaw Deluxe Technicolor’s Interoperable Test Center. Mark has deep knowledge in Broadcast Television system design and integration, building television stations and network hubs to large satellite content delivery systems. Prior to these projects, Mark had been in the large System integration field with extensive experience in concert halls, showrooms, churches, airports, casinos, government, board rooms, and other industrial systems. Mark joined Streamline System Designs eager to assist with the widespread growth of Atmos facility adoption.
Mark Roberts