Full Name
Hans-Nikolas Locher
Job Title
Head of research and Development Sector
CST (Commission Supérieure Technique de l'Image et du Son)
Speaker Bio
Hans-Nikolas Locher is director of development at commission supérieure technique de l'image et du son (CST). The CST is a professional association of cinema, audiovisual and multimedia technicians and artists technicians.
Development engineer, he worked for years in the projection operation, and with research laboratories as Cedric and IRCAM.
He implements software tools for testing and validation of digital cinema files, and is the architect of the information system for monitoring the projections for the Cannes Film Festival.
He is involved in the standardisation process, as AFNOR commission CN 204 “cinématographie” member. He is editor for the CEN TC 457 project team “Digital preservation of cinematographic works”. He is convenor of WG4 presentation technologies in ISO/TC 36 Cinematography. He chaired the IMF App#4 elaboration project at SMPTE.
Hans-Nikolas Locher