Full Name
Leigh Whitcomb
Job Title
Imagine Communications
Speaker Bio
Leigh Whitcomb is an architect for Imagine Communications, Toronto, ON, Canada, having joined the company in 1991. He participates in SMPTE, Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and Video Services Forum (VSF) standards committees, including serving as co-chair of SMPTE 32NF Network/Facilities Architecture Technology Committee. He is actively involved in SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media over Managed IP Networks and SMPTE ST 2059 Genlock Over IP. Whitcomb became a SMPTE Fellow in 2017. Whitcomb’s other professional affiliations include Professional Engineers Ontario. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, ON, Canada, and a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, ON, Canada. He is the co-inventor of several patents in the areas of networking and timing & synchronization.
Leigh Whitcomb