Full Name
Thomas Kernen
Job Title
Senior Staff Architect
Mellanox Technologies
Speaker Bio
Thomas Kernen is a Staff Architect at Mellanox. His main area of focus is defining architectures for transforming the broadcast industry to an All-IP infrastructure. He serves as co-chair of SMPTE’s 32NF committee and is a member of the IEEE Communications and Broadcast Societies. Thomas has served for 7 years as the editor of the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) for the TS 101 154 “Specification for the use of Video and Audio Coding in Broadcasting Applications based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream” supported by millions of digital receivers worldwide.
Additionally, he has authored over 20 publications in leading journals, holds six patents that cover both network and video coding optimizations for media transport and delivery.
Kernen is a frequent speaker at leading events such as the SMPTE ATC, NAB, IBC and EBU Network Technology Seminar.
Prior to joining Mellanox, Kernen spent over 20 years in the IP industry including driving Cisco’s entry into live media production, co-founding Internet Service Providers, Telecom carriers and architecting Fiber to the Home networks.
Thomas Kernen