Live Cloud Ingest Using an Open Approach to RIST, SRT and Retransmission Protocols
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Name
San Francisco Room
Today, most broadcasters are on a journey to cloud-based production and distribution and even moving live tasks like news production and playout to the cloud. In this transition, live ingest becomes one of the key challenges. Getting live content from an event or studio into a data center often means crossing public infrastructure and even the leased connectivity options that exists today to and within public cloud environments cannot compare with existing dedicated media networks in terms of quality and reliability. Therefore, new approaches are needed to reliably leverage cloud resources.

Based on the concept of Adaptive Repeat reQuest (ARQ), the Internet transport market has flourished in recent years with multiple solutions emerging on the market, all of which are aiming to solve the same challenge of moving professional media over the Internet and as a consequence into public cloud environments. While today a plethora of different solutions exists in the market, a few alternatives have separated themselves from the crowd in terms of either footprint and/or market buzz. Two open approaches are emerging as leaders in this competitive landscape; SRT, backed by the SRT Alliance and RIST/TR-06, an industry collaboration through the Video Services Forum (VSF). In addition, several proprietary options already boost significant footprint and partner ecosystems. While in theory the industry could elect a “winner” that everyone implements, differences in both feature set and performance makes understanding which of the available options best suit the intended use case key.

Having benchmarked the most widely used candidates both from a feature and performance perspective we now know that it is not just a matter of looking at the feature list. Because while the features and capabilities differ, our test also show that performance characteristics varies significantly between the different available options. Ultimately, this means that depending on the intended use case, one or another protocol may be better suited for the specific application.
Technical Depth of Presentation
For anyone already working with Internet Transport this could be seen as fundamental, while for anyone with more conceptual understanding of this section of the market this is likely intermediate or even advanced.
What Attendees will Benefit Most from this Presentation
An ideal audience ranges from CTO-level to Technical directors and Engineers who already use or are planning to leverage cloud infrastructures in some way, shape or form. The session will provide them with valuable insights into correctly executing on their cloud strategy.
Take-Aways from this Presentation
After the talk, the audience will have a better understanding of the state of the Internet Transport market, what the current challenges are and what different mechanisms we have at our disposal to solve them.