GPIO Over IP – AMWA IS-07 as a General-Purpose API that easily scales
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
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San Francisco Room
One of the essential missing elements in creating IP infrastructures for broadcast workflows is the handling of GPIO switch closures. While GPIOs have been some of the simplest components in the broadcast chain for more than 75 years, they are still critical for triggering events ranging from basic camera tallies to complex automations. This paper will explain how AMWA IS-07 is the true “general purpose” packet for handling GPIOs, and how it’s capable of far more than the typical “on” and “off” states that are characteristic of common GPIOs.

Intentionally kept simple, IS-07 offers just 4 different types of “states” being sent by a device. These are Boolean, number, string, and enum. While the packets themselves are kept small, additional information about the type of data can be stored in “typedef” structures alongside them. This allows for complex descriptions of content while keeping the actual data on the network at a minimum. With the addition of MQTT or Websockets as specified transport protocols, IS-07 is highly scalable - building on Web and IoT best practices. While Websockets allow easy integration into Web-Frameworks and Internet Browser usage, MQTT is also highly scalable since the MQTT browser can serve as a replicator for emitters that are being received by multiple actors.

IS-07 is based on the same JSON objects as IS-04 and -05 and can actually be represented and connected by those APIs. But it can be used for far more than just replacing the fixed GPIO connections of legacy installations. Dynamic discovery of emitters and the ability to connect them to actors based on automated tasks is one of the key concepts.

Telemetry over IP and panel APIs will be presented as two additional examples of how IS-07 can provide significant benefits, along with the dynamic discovery approach that is NMOS.

GPIO over IP, AMWA, IS-07, dynamic discovery, APIs
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Broadcast engineers, technologists, and managers in any stage of their transition from baseband to IP workflows
Take-Aways from this Presentation
2. Through the standardization of protocols, users have an overview of all of the tools available to them. This allows them to easily design and implement new workflows. While we have come to heavily reply on things such as the simple GPIO closure for everything from tallies to triggers, defining them properly but broadly within the scope of our IP infrastructures can allow them to do so much more.