Engagement with the Next-Gen: SMPTE’s Role in K-12, Higher Education, and Other Institutions
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Name
San Francisco Room
Where will tomorrow ‘s engineers and technologists come from who can invent, develop, and support professional media, whether it be film, video, or other media of dynamic content?
What role should SMPTE play in the encouragement of newcomers to our industry? What curriculum is needed to enable students to pursue successful careers and how should SMPTE influence it as the industry embraces new technologies such as IP, Cloud, and AI?
The journey of new talent begins in K-12 schools, may continue through such phases as higher education, apprenticeship, internship, military, to ultimately become the sixth and future generations of SMPTE members and the professional media technologists of tomorrow. What are the points of intersection for SMPTE along this timeline? How do we engage not only with the students themselves but also with the educators and the institutions that are involved. (This raises the question of how we move beyond our support efforts as individual SMPTE members and how we create a more self-sustaining advocacy.)
SMPTE already provides opportunities for scholarships, networking events, and in particular, its student chapters, but the dearth of schools offering courses in broadcast video engineering suggests that a much larger role is needed by on the part of SMPTE and our industry in general.
SMPTE’s core messaging and DNA is a key part of how we communicate our outreach. To go beyond thinking of SMPTE as a standards body, it must reflect the broader message in what our president calls, “the Art and Science of Storytelling.” In this way we recognize SMPTE as a community that offers personal networking, education, guidance, as well as the technical standards for interoperability for the ecosystem of professional media.
Some ideas that have been offered from students, educators, and SMPTE members are suggested. The new generation needs to be engaged in a way that we are not merely educators but learners as well, so that our conversation is truly two-way.
Technical Depth of Presentation
Basic from a technical standpoint but with specific details drawn from a year of discussions with students, educators, SMPTE members and other trade associations (AES,SBE, IEEE-BTS, NATAS, BEA).
What Attendees will Benefit Most from this Presentation
Employers from any area of the professional media industry, SMPTE members interested in shepherding students, students, educators.
Take-Aways from this Presentation
SMPTE must increase its involvement in K-12 and higher education in order to expand its membership among students and educators. We must also drive the message of the importance of standards and SMPTE's role among the talent of tomorrow. To do this we must coordinate our existing efforts and agree on new approaches to expand our influence. Specific recommendations will be made.